May 7, 2009, 1:43 pm
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Starting now, I am going to try to post weekly interviews and pics of different girls that find beautiful and interesting. This week i have interviewed international modeling sensation Christy Dawn Petersen!







The Ultimate Filth: OK Christy, how old are you

Christy Dawn Petersen: Haha, 22.

TUF: Who is your favorite ninja turtle?

CDP: OMGGG I dont know… let me look one up and see who has the best gear

TUF: That’s cheating.

CPD: Ohh sorry

TUF: Plus everyone knows that Michaelangelo has the best gear… nunchucks.

CDP: Haha, Im diggin Raphael, he seems sultry.

TUF: Is that what you look for in a man?

CDP: Yes, nunchucks and bandanas covering your eyes…

CDP: What do u call that anyway? Eye mask?

TUF: Yeah, kind of a Zorro mask.

CDP: Oh ya, I’m feeling that look, I might sport that at Teddy’s this friday…

TUF: So you recently worked with the illustrious Taylor Hicks in a music video. Tell me what that was like

CDP: It was really fun! we shot in Ojai near Santa Barbara. The crew was really chill and down to earth, I actually had a lot of fun. I danced in my undies all day.

TUF: Maybe i should take a look at that video…

CDP: Haha

TUF: Was this your first music video?

CDP: No, my 5th or 6th. Im kind of a video vixen as 50 cent would say.

CDP: P.S. He’s next on my list

TUF: That was actually my next question.

TUF: So, tell me why you love the ultimate filth?

CDP: Because u are a hot tranny mess, who loves donuts.

TUF: I cant print that

CDP: Who wouldnt enjoy a little blogging sesh from YOU?

TUF: I guess I can work with that one.

Here are some stills from her Taylor Hicks video shoot.


See more picture of Christy HERE

Or check her out in American Idol’s Taylor Hicks music video